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Online Writing Courses and More 

Online: Launching Your Writing Career With a Successful Non-Fiction Book:
An Eight-Session Online Individual Coaching Program

What it is: This online course is comprised of eight individualized coaching sessions structured around themes for developing a successful book. The course is built around your own book project, one you are presently writing, or one that you want to get started.

Structured, individual coaching: There are written assignments for each session, which you'll be applying to your work in progress. My responses to these assignments, usually by email, occassionally by phone, are completely individualized, and are critiqued in the context of your own goals and writing. My feedback on your writing and ideas is detailed, helping you to: clarify your own stated goals, develop your unique voice, sharpen the focus of your writing, improve the organization of your book, explore how your project fits or doesn't fit your intended readership, explore ways to improve your presentation to expand your readership. The feedback and editorial guidance I offer comes from my 30 plus years of experience as an author, developmental editor, publishing consultant, and writing coach.

Prerequisites: Since the writing assignments are to be applied to your own book project, you should have at least an overview and a few sample chapters of your manuscript. Don't worry, these can be in very rough draft form.

When and where? Since this is individual coaching (framed around the eight key assignments), you can start at any time and go at your own speed. This course includes much "insider information" about publishing and what it takes to create a successful book.

Email me for further information at Halbooks@HalZinaBennett.com to register, ask questions, or to see a sample session. The course is $650. Pay by check or PayPal.

Writing Spiritual and Personal Development Books: Individual Project Evaluation

Books on personal and spiritual development, as well as healing and health, are very much in demand by readers and publishers alike. If you're a good writer with experience, expertise, and a good concept for a book that fits these niches, you're in an excellent position to attract an agent or publisher. But simply having a good book idea is only part of the challenge. Nine-tenths of writing a successful books is in the presentation, that is, how accessible you make the material. That involves how well you connect with readers, how engaging you can make the material you're presenting, and how well you understand the "perceived needs" of the readers you want to reach.

And then, of course, there are priorities of the book business itself and what publishers need a book to do. That's where a project evaluation by a person who has extensive, first-hand experience in publishing can be invaluable, creating a bridge between you, an agent, a publisher, and ultimately the readers you want to reach.

Cost: A complete evaluation, based on your own overview or outline and up to 150 pages is $650.

Prerequisites: I only accept projects where I'm certain I can provide the author with feedback of real value. If I feel I can't provide that value, for one reason or another, I'll let you know. So, the first step is to send me what you have so that I can look it over and make that determination. This first step is free, of course. We'll only go further if it looks like I can be of benefit to you, based on your present manuscript.

Submissions: I prefer to see your rough draft. Why? You'd be amazed at the number of times I've discovered in the author's unedited material the true voice and focus of a project that the author him/herself didn't see. The real gifts of an author are sometimes lost in efforts to "fine-tune" early drafts, or have them extensively edited by a line editor or grammarian. Please include an overview, a chapter outline, your first chapter and sample writing of up to 150 pages.

Email me if you have questions: Halbooks@HalZinaBennett.com


Write From The Heart by Hal Zina BennettWrite From The Heart by Hal Zina Bennett   The Four Portals of Creativity

Balanced between lecture, writing exercises and group work, you'll learn how to access your deep creative consciousness and transform your own life experiences as rich resources for novels, non-fiction, creative non-fiction, and other media.

This has been one of my most popular workshops-an excellent way to launch into your own creativity and fully embrace it.

This weekend workshop is limited to 8 students and is privately arranged, occasionally held in private homes or seminar centers. Email me to be on my mailing list or if you are interested in sponsoring a workshop.

Email me if you have questions: Halbooks@HalZinaBennett.com

Creative Writing Personal Mythology, Intuition & The Creative Spirit

In this highly supportive, creative environment you'll access the gifts of your own life experiences, embrace your true creative voice, and translate it all into universal themes, stories, imagery, and characters that entertain, inform and even heal you and your readers.

Veterans of this workshop have published books as far ranging as poetry, Mysteries and non-fiction self-help. But you will find the most valuable rewards in your renewed ability to mine your own creative consciousness for the rich inner resources that can make your work sing. You'll be getting in touch with the creative resources that make good writing great. Workshop is balanced between lecture, writing, and voluntary sharing of work.

This weekend workshop is limited to 8 students and is privately arranged, occasionally held in private homes or seminar centers. Email me to be on my mailing list or if you are interested in sponsoring a workshop.

Email me if you have questions: Halbooks@HalZinaBennett.com

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