Hal Zina Bennett, Ph.D.

Bestselling Author ~ Writing Coach

Hal Zina Bennett - Copyrighted photo by John Curry


Hal Zina Bennett

Hal's highly acclaimed work includes countless articles and more than 30 successful books, including three works of fiction: Backland Graces: Four Novellas, Spirit Circle and White Mountain Blues

Many of his books have become classics in their fields:

Hal's interest in creativity, human consciousness, metaphysics, and the ancient wisdom traditions began as a teenager, following a coma and near-death experience that left him temporarily blind, during which time he was initiated into the reality of the inner world. Studies in ancient spiritual traditions over the next 20 years helped him to validate insights he'd had during his encounters with his own death and his visions of the world beyond.

In addition to being a prolific author, Hal has helped over 200 authors develop their own work, several of them bestsellers. Look on the acknowledgment pages of your favorite books and you just might find him prominently mentioned there. His seminars on writing and spirituality are legendary.

The Shaman of Creativity


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