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Spirit Animals & The Wheel of Life

Earth-Centered Practices for Daily Living
By Hal Zina Bennett (Illustrated by Angela Werneke) and published by Hampton Roads
 ISBN 1-57174-216-6

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"Hal provides us with valuable and useful information on how we may once again fit into the patterns and rhythms of nature and live in harmony with all of its creatures." ~Brad Steiger, author of Totems: The Transformative Power of Your Personal Animal Totem

"Bennett, a much-published author on the subject of Earth-centered spirituality, has written a gentle and persuasive volume about what we can learn from the animals around us. His message is that every animal is a reflection and expression of the spirituality that flows through the entire world, and that if we can learn to hear the lesson contained in the essence of each animal, we can re-experience the wonder of that world. Bennett's book includes suggested meditations and exercises, as well as an appendix on smudging (ritual marking of space). For collections where there is a strong interest in New Age spirituality." ~Library Journal, Feb 15, 2001

"For thousands of years, many indigenous spiritual traditions have taught that each human being has a spirit animal to serve as a guide through life. In Spirit Animals & the Wheel of Life: A Nature-Based Spiritual Practice for Daily Life, Hal Zina Bennett claims that animals can become "spirit teachers," helping us to understand the wheel of life. Bennett offers helpful suggestions for recognizing one's "personal power animal" and creating a medicine wheel." -Publishers Weekly, Feb. 12, 2001

"Read it and you will be touched by the opportunities that are possible when we take the time to sit still, listen, and open our hearts to the animals."  ~Kate Solisti-Mattelon, author of Conversations with Dog, and co-editor of Kinship With the Animals

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Excerpts from the Book

"One of the most difficult things about learning from animals is to fully realize that the animals are not symbolic. We all have a tendency to assign meaning to this creature or that according to something we have read in a book or learned in the course of growing up. We have fallen into the habit of assigning meaning instead of quieting our minds to list and allow what is there to speak to us...

"If not symbols, or at least archetypes, what are the animals? The most direct answer is that they are who they are-living, breathing creatures who have their own personalities and their own patterns of behavior. And it is from our observation of these behaviors that we learn to connect with, and learn from, the natural world." [Top of Page]


"Each and every animal is one way that the creating spirit is manifest, giving it (spirit) expression, and thus offering us a literal universe of possibilities. Every animal, ourselves included, has been given its own individuality, with gifts and character and special challenges unique to it. Together, in the endless circle of life, they collectively give the creating spirit a voice-a voice like a huge chorus made up of all that the universe holds. By observing even a small circle of life as creation's voice, we not only gain much wisdom about the animals, we gain wisdom about how we might shape our own lives to be in concert with Creation's plan." [Top of Page]


"In the same way that diversity of living beings has ensured that we have a healthy gene pool, diversity of behavior and understanding ensure an expanding, increasingly creative collective consciousness. Animals provide diversity not only in substance but in form-in the way we think and act. Imagine, if you will, that we could join every living thing on planet Earth at a vast circle, and out of this circle a single collective voice would rise. This single voice would be that of Creation, which sings every day. We need only find the ears to listen. The animals hear it always!" [Top of Page]


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