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Follow Your Bliss

How to identify your innate gifts and apply them in your life's work & your relationships

By Hal Zina Bennett, Ph.D with Susan J. Sparrow

Published by Tenacity Press 1997, 228 pages, ISBN 0-9656056-1-2


For anyone seeking greater meaning and purpose in their work, relationships, or in simplifying and improving the quality of their lives. This book has already helped over 50,000 readers follow their bliss by cultivating the rich inner resources of their own lives. The authors tell how to unlock the creative treasures of peak experiences, essential wounds, and those fleeting but magical moments of simple inspiration and joy that we all have. 

Far more than a career guide, this book helps you find new meaning and purpose by choosing a life path that is guided from within. Includes a workbook section for discovering your bliss and truly expressing who you are.


This is the book that got us into self-publishing. Originally published by Avon Books-William Morrow, over 30,000 copies were printed and sold. They gave us our copyrights back after four years and because we kept getting requests for it we decided to put it back into print ourselves. Readers continue to find the book and sing its praises, so we keep it in print.

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"A provocative journey inward, discovering the bliss that results from self-realization...indeed a new window on the much neglected invisible dimension of our humanity. Great reading." ~ Wayne W. Dyer, bestselling author & lecturer

"Discover your gifts, heal your wounds and follow your bliss… A treasure of a book." ~ Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Describes what each of us can do to remove blocks to our own creativity and thus more fully express our essential being." ~ Shakti Gawain

"Combines insight, experience and ancient wisdom. Not only worth reading but referencing and studying." ~ Hugh and Gail Prather

"A wonderfully lucid and intelligent book, fully of fascinating insights… I love this book." ~ Gabrielle Roth

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Excerpts from the Book

Excerpt No. 1 (Pages 21-22)

So many of us are finding that our most successful choices in life come not from following the pull of people, events, or even socioeconomic forces outside us, and not from following our own fears, but from certain promptings that come from deep within us.
There are so many phrases that describe these inner promptings: "follow your bliss, "dancing your inner dance," "living your own life," "doing what makes your heart sing," and "trusting your own rhythm."
Every one of these expressions confirms our belief that there is, deep within us, something that seeks expression, something that asks for recognition. It makes itself known in a thousand different ways: as a certain gut feeling, a pull to experience ourselves as productive, creative, and loving, able to love and be loved, and able to make a contribution that perhaps will be important far beyond the limits of our own lives.
How do we find the "right work" or the "right relationship" or simply the "right action" to satisfy these deep and insistent inner needs? How do we find the life path where we can feel that we can make a difference, and truly experience our bliss? The good news is that there is a part within each one of us that can provide the guidance to satisfy our deepest needs in work and relationships. It is a part that, at our birth, we bring into this world for the very first time. While this part is highly individualize and new, it is also universal and ageless, giving us a precious identity that we can share with every other human being, even since the beginning of time, connecting us all as one. When we are in touch with it, life takes on a quiet excitement. This is our bliss, and it is like no other experience we can name. Like an inner compass or the homing device on a great ship, it gives us direction and purpose. It provides guidance for every activity in our lives.
If we stop to get in touch with this part, and we learn to trust what it is telling us, we have the sense that we are never alone. Decisions and choices that come from this source seem "positive and right," effortless and natural, with a logic and simplicity that has a beauty all its own. There is never any doubt that our choices and actions make a difference, both to others and to the world around us, and perhaps for generations to come.
Our bliss can help move us forward, providing a positive momentum. When we are following it, it is as if we are energized in a new way. We may even begin to feel that our work is eased and our relationships enhanced by a swift but invisible current that carries us along. 

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Excerpt No. 2 (Pages 156-157)

Think about a relationship you have had with one other person in your life. Let yourself recall a time when the two of you shared a moment of great pleasure. Recall what you were thinking or feeling at that moment. Recognize that the world you created within your lens of perception made this moment possible, and your friend's pleasure would not have been the same without your participation.
You make the difference!
This exercise is a subtle one. You may not immediately feel any dramatic results from doing it. But each time you repeat it, your appreciation of the power you posses through your lens of perception will increase. Take the time, while going through a normal day of activities, to look at the world the way you did in this exercise. As you do this, you will have a natural tendency to value your own contribution in the world more, and to see the resources in every situation where you are involved. 

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